Allison  opened shop creating custom websites in 2000- as a small  shop specializing in custom made themes and flash sites. 

Over the last 17 years, she has created hundreds of websites using flash and evolving into a true wordpress speciality operation.

From the beginning, allison has worked directly and personally with her clients–designing, building and interpreting needs  according to every individual ‘s needs. 

It has been this commitment to her clients’ growth combined with her high level of expertise and thirst for evolving knowledge of all things web that has allowed her to create solutions for every size business web needs.;

When you purchase a site plan  from taintme, you get the benefits of Allison’s vast  knowledge and experience in this industry, which is unparalleled. 


Let us help you find the solutions to your business’ website   needs.





I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my time working  with Allison was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in years. It’s almost humorous to say that she has genius and passion for building fantastic websites… She’s an artist and a true techno-file! I love our site and  it functions 100x better than our previous incarnations online! It is the heart of our business now  both physically and emotionally. That’s not a quote, it’s the truth. Tell anyone that’s on the fence to call me.

L. Hayward, , Hollywood, California, USA

We had allison rebuild our site to be mobile friendly and easier to navigate in general  and it is still going strong. We have subsequently bought more equipment from him as our business expanded.

J M, FHM Alimen Ltd, Vancouver, B.C.