IT Services


Need help with your mac life.. sometimes its not as simple as it appears.. bluetooth and car iTunes and iPad  email and apps..Its a lot.

on your iPhone? Bluetooth in your car? netflix on your Tv ? iPad ? 

Let us work out your technology kinks- Taintme is your one- stop resource for everything you need to keep your virtual life running smoothly and at peak efficiency levels.

From iPhones and cars, to netflix  and smart Tvs (and all those remotes and apps in between), we got you covered.



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  • Mac Help
  • TV Netflix/Hulu Streaming Help -Setup
  • Backups
  • Bluetooth-car -iPhone connectivity
  • Home Wifi / Internet setup – speed 
  • All things Apple 
  • Software Updates
  • Apps
  • Remote control Programing 
  • iTunes[/list][/one_half_last]